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Employee Benefits

Building wealth through solid foundations

“Simplifying the Process”

Healthcare law can be intimidating.  We provide our clients with an understanding of the law and how it pertains to them.  We work with you to ensure you are in compliance and prepared.  At Brownstone, we view our relationship with your company as a privilege, and we consider ourselves part of your team.  As such, we remain dedicated to discovering your goals and partnering with you to achieve them.

Employer Planning**

  •        Healthcare Law, employer’s responsibility*
  •        Evaluate plan designs*
  •        Negotiate renewal rates, benefits & services
    (fully insured & self-funded)*
  •        Perform market analysis, price & coverage comparisons*
  •        Plan implementation*
  •        Conduct enrollment meetings*
  •        Benefit administrative solutions*
  •        Policy Review*
  •        Wellness Programs*
  •        Provide HR resources*
  •        Legislative updates*
  •        Monitor program efficiency*

**INVEST does not offer tax or legal advice.

*These products and services are not offered by INVEST.


Employee Planning

Your employees are a valuable asset and their perception matters. Brownstone will provide employer-specific benefit communication materials for your employees.  This ensures your employees have a good understanding of the benefit opportunities and the valuable resources you provide.  A dedicated benefit consultant is provided to assist with benefit questions.  At Brownstone, we care about your employees, and they will know that by the support they receive.

We will provide to you cost-effective benefit programs that make sense for your organization. We strive to be your partner long term.

Why Brownstone?

  • Strategic Partner
  • HR Support
  • Compliance
  • Unbiased carrier
  • Wellness Programs
  • Personalized attention to you and your employees

Promoting health and wellness programs for your employees and their families is the best way to control the cost of healthcare with to lower utilization.   Utilizing various resources, many provided at no cost to the employer, we work to design wellness programs that work for you and your employees.  Our personal approach leads to healthy outcomes for your employees and their families, and lowers the costs of healthcare for you, the employer.


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